Sunday, February 1, 2009

Camping Edwin + Italy Traveling Tilda

So, I'm continuing my theme of drawing what is missing. I think I've come to realize two things in this... 1) I don't need to buy word stamps (my handwriting is pretty good) and 2) I can draw basic landscapes pretty well. My Copics Multi-liner pen (.35mm) is the key to my drawing.

For my Camping Edwin card, I envisioned this boy and his dog as camping troopers. Then I made an ink mistake on his forehead which led to the bandaids. I tried to smudge him up a bit, but think he needs a dash more. His yellow scarf was to attempt (underline attempt) to make a Cub Scout scarf to cover his tie. (He’s the only Edwin I have.) I had no model for the scarf, so my apologies to the Cub Scout organization for my artistic interpretation. I made the "Enjoy the Moment" banner wrinkled by using 3 pop up dots. Looks cooler IRL (in real life). The tent is from Stampin’ Up, Edwin and the dog are Magnolia, the fire and marshmallows came to me unmounted and are unknown, I forget where the "Enjoy the Moment" stamp came from, and the rock he sits on and the grass and background bramble were drawn by me!

For my Traveling Tilda card, I wanted to have a Venice cityscape and the little Italian bridge with the Gondolier. But my drawing hasn’t advanced there yet, and I think I need to see some more pics of Venice before I’ll attempt that. I used Stampin’ Up pens to color most of her clothing. I love the warmth of Real Rust, Old Olive, Creamy Caramel, Almost Artichoke, etc. The bridge, gondolier, and lampposts are A Muse, Tilda is Magnolia, and the bridge extension, stone walls, grass, water lines, and suitcase were again, drawn by me! So I toast to myself and say, in my best Italian, "molto ben fatto!"

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So.... keep on creating! It’s cheaper than therapy and has an end result! ~Makani

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