Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Circle Die Cut and Punches Size Comparison Chart

I have been taking the time better organize all my die cuts and punches... And realized that 1) I have a lot and 2) I am missing some important sizes for matting and layering. 

Here is the link to the *NEW* Size Chart Comparing Circle Die Cuts and Punches by Nestabilities, Stampin' Up!, and Sizzix. So... when you want a 2.5" diameter circle die cut, you know which set has it! (AKA no more hair-pulling frustrating moments!)

Here are pics of my new notebooks housing many of the dies or samples of ones I keep with my Stampin' Up Sets.

I started with those Avery small (5.5 x 8.5 ") notebooks, some dividers, and pocket pages to go with it. (The MS brand were all on sale at Staples, Yay!)

So many ways to be decorative. :)
Pretty! and so inspiring... Paris in the rain... ah...
Then I used the little pocket sleeves and magnetic strips I made from cutting up Magnetic Vent Covers- available at Amazon or at your local hardware store. 
MVCX512 Magnetic Vent Covers (5" X 12", 3-pk)

So many leafy vines, so little time... 
Sets of Dies with pretty cut outs to inspire me :)

If the die stays in it's original package or in with the stamp set that matches it, I am putting the cut out in the pocket with a label.

Then,  I keep the rest of the die cuts in boxes with easy viewing- I also have sample cut outs on the opposite side of where I can see the die cuts. (see last picture)

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